Hilary Farnworth has been working with older women for the past 10 years, in her “second feminist phase “having been an activist in the 70s at university.   Since 2003 Hilary ran many projects for older women who were going self employed and starting micro business, while at London Metropolitan University.  Women over 50 who have been redundant often find that the employment market is a hostile place to the older jobseeker, and that self employment as an “olderpreneur” and setting up l business is the way forward.

A student in Russian Studies at Keele University in the 70s, Hilary campaigned against the hours rules (women out of men’s block 10pm and vice versa)  and took part in the 1st UK Women’s Liberation Conference, at Oxford, 1970.  Memories of the actual conference proceedings are scant, as over 500 women turned up and space had only been booked for about 300, so there were times we couldn’t get into the hall. We arrived by Morris 1000, slept on a floor of a friend of a friends rooms at Jesus College, climbing over the wall at 11pm as it was a male college.

Now on her 6th career as a portfolio worker, she splits her time between paid consultancy and  volunteering.  Hilary provides mentoring to start up social enterprises and micro businesses, often to women who are typically  in the 40-70 range, and is a mentor for young entrepreneurs at Princes Trust.

Since leaving full time paid work  she has found time to join campaigning organisations: she is Vice Chair of Ransackers Association, which campaigns for better educational opportunities for over 55s,  a member and facilitator at the Older Feminist Network,  (OFN)  and a member of the Association of Greater London Older Women (AGLOW),  a small campaigning group who create and perform drama sketches highlighting issues faced by London older women.  

Hilary will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Flaunting Fearlessness    (Saturday Afternoon)

OFN:    www.olderfeminist.org.uk

AGLOW:    http://www.aglow-london.org.uk/

Ransackers      www.ransackersassociation.org.uk