Mia is a survivor/activist from Dublin, who spent 6yrs in prostitution, exiting in 2010.  She was a core partner in the successful Turn Off the Red Light campaign which resulted in the passing of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017.  Mia has spoken publicly about her experiences using all avenues of the media and has given written and oral evidence in the Dail, Stormont and at the House of Commons.   Her advocacy has not been confined to Ireland, she is a member of the End Demand UK team and has spoken in France, Sweden, Lithuania among others.  Since exiting prostitution Mia has obtained a BA(hons) in Philiosophy & Sociology and a LLM Master of Law at Maynooth University.

Mia will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Trading In Youth          (Sunday Morning)