Elaine Storkey is a philosopher, sociologist, and theologian, who has held university posts at Kings College, London, Stirling, Oxford, and the Open University.  She is a Fellow of Aberystwyth University, Senior Member of Newnham College, Cambridge, and a former Vice President of the University of Gloucester. She has lectured in Africa, Asia, Haiti and across Europe been involved with BBC and other broadcasting companies for 30 years. Her writing includes eight books and hundreds of journal articles.  She has long been involved with the World Council of Churches, and in advocacy for women in many networks, boards and councils. Elaine’s presidency of the NGO, Tearfund, spanned 17 years and enabled her to focus on the issues women face across the world. Listening to women who have endured multiple forms of violence in different continents brought home how violence becomes culturally institutionalized and how much these forms have in common. It also pushed her to write Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women, published in 2015 and updated for the USA this year.