Shabana Kausar

Space For Sisters

An informal session, this is a space for women of colour to come together at FiLiA and discuss ways of living your feminist politics. Life as a feminist of colour can be isolating – especially up north – so this session is focused on enabling women of colour to connect. The group will help each other answer questions about how to make organising sustainable and avoid burnout, the politics of sisterhood, and what political concerns are facing women of colour in modern day Britain.

Open to women of colour, including those of Black, Asian, and Arab descent. This session welcomes all women who are racialised, subject to discrimination because of their skin colour, ethnicity, and racial heritage.

About Shabana: Shabana is a feminist and a women's rights activist. Based in London, she works in ending Violence against Women and Girls through delivering training, campaigning and informing policy. She has worked locally, nationally and internationally in tackling gender based violence and is particularly interested in how race, gender and class intersect with violence against women.

Shabana is a spokeswoman for FiLiA and can be contacted to speak on topics including: 

  • VAWG

  • Gender Inequality/Women’s Rights

  • Intersectionality 

  • Racism and discrimination

  • Religion