About Kendra:  I have been involved with Gangs, Exploitation and CSE for over 26 years on many different levels. I am originally from South West London. A complicated background, living in an inner-city estate, and a lack of communication between adults are just some of the factors that lead to me having to make some life changing choices starting at the age of 11. These choices led to many consequences and created “Blondy” the name and person I was known as on the streets of SW London.

I have been labelled many things over 26 years. Gang member, perpetrator, victim, criminal, educator, and survivor to name but a few. Personally, I have never been big on labels, I am just a person who has experienced, done, and seen things before the age of 18 that no child or young person should have to.

Now I am making sure that what happened to me never happens again.

Twitter: @outofthe_shadows