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About Aba: I strive for equality and justice. This wheels me on to create a platform for those who are marginalised to have a voice to challenge social injustice and inequality within our community. My experience comes 20 years of pressing for change. Using awareness raising events; educating people about the common good, and specifically being involved in running voluntary and community organisations (since 1998). The diverse project I have being involved in includes BME, wellbeing, and children and family projects. 

Until recently, I was the Vice Chair for the Independent Advisory Group for GMP. I worked within the Prison service as an Equality Manager, a post I held dear for 10 years, re-educating and pushing the Equality agenda so that Women prisoners can develop their voices and treated fairly.

I am the creative founder for ‘Nexus’ an Equality Network, looking at Equality in practice, and also the founder of EaICO which is an African, and Caribbean Young people and Family Organisation. I also co-ordinate a Wellbeing project for Disability Stockport whereby I manage 26 groups supporting their pathway to independence. Another initiative I created was to develop a pool of community trainers ‘Aspiring Boldly Associates’, educating community, and organisation on areas of equality and community development. Recently, I was part of a group of Organisations that came together to developed the ‘African and Caribbean Health & Poverty Partnership for Women’.

The world is broken particularly so for those that journey through adversity.  I believe that we can all make a difference.   I aim to bring to Filia my expertise in championing the Equality agenda particularly related to gender. I am very excited to join this wonderful but important venture.  It will give me an opportunity to become an everyday change maker for Gender specific issues.

Outside work, I enjoy quiet moments and spending time with family.

Twitter @aabsgrah