Shahidah’s talk will explore how dominance over women has not always existed. There is evidence from the hidden histories of some societies which show that women have been powerful, fair and equal citizens. Patriarchy has nevertheless existed for millennia, based on the sexual and economic dominance of men over women.
She will talk about history teaching us important lessons about the nature of Patriarchy. How it ensures its own continuity by means of fear and terror, through violence against women in the home and on the streets, and how it’s laws legitimise the violence, keeping women in a state of constant fear.
Feminist researchers have told us about women’s challenges to Patriarchy, what we have won and what we have lost through our struggles for freedom and equality. We will look at how Patriarchy changes its face continually in response to our challenges, and how these changes frame our thinking and our actions.
What are the challenges facing us as feminists today, how do we analyse the historical and current workings of patriarchy and develop strategies that will break male dominance, break its continuity, and put an end to women’s subjugation, exploitation and oppression?


About Shahidah: Shahidah Janjua has been a Feminist activist and campaigner for the past 30 years, campaigning against pornography, prostitution, violence against women and trafficking in women and children.

She has campaigned for women’s rights and for changes to the law, to address injustices against women. She has always worked collectively with other Feminists to run workshops, provide training, organise seminars and conferences, and has worked through the medium of radio and film in Belfast and Derry, to highlight the abuses women have endured and survived, or tragically not survived.

In 2003 Shahidah won the Emma Humphries Memorial Prize for working on issues of violence against women.

Some of the Feminist organisations she has been an active member of are:

  • Justice For Women - Providing legal and personal support to women who have killed a violent partner, and women in prison.
  • Rape Crisis Federation of England and Wales.
  • Founder member of the Women Into Politics project in the North of Ireland, from which two women were elected to the N. Ireland Assembly.
  • Founder member of a Refuge for Asian women, Ashiana, in Sheffield, UK.
  • Most recently she has been a member of Kerry Women’s Interactive Network (KWIN) A Feminist Network in the West of Ireland.
  • Shahidah is a writer and poet. Her latest book of poetry, ‘Dimensions’, was published in Ireland in 2015.

Twitter: @1Maloti