Scullery Maid’s Monologue: A Woman's Worth 

Requested to write a poem for a London Borough’s centenary celebration of Uk women winning partial suffrage the poet, Mary Duggan, wrote and performed her ‘Scullery Maid’s Monologue: A Woman's Worth’ Using historical material( See: The Palmers Green Recorder 1914*) Mary Duggan presents this Scullery maid hearing household opinions about The Suffragette and clash between N.13 north London Suffragettes and a local crowd of men* In fact local activist residents included Emily Pankhurst’s own brother and sister: Mr. Goulden and Mrs. Mary Clarke and the infamous Garrett sisters...

After re-enacting this ‘clash’ and a dedication plaque laid this poem was performed to dignitaries and the community. Later Suffragette colours lit up this Town Hall.

About Mary: Mary Duggan has been an active Feminist since the 70’s. Representing Women’s interests at Conference; in Executive politics at a technological University and later, a working mother at a local factory as the TGWU shop steward for 600 part-time working women.

She campaigns for 1950’s UK women whose long term, paid in for state pension plans were negatively impacted by government ‘maladministration’ in a ‘cash grab’ with scant notice of changes by a DWP - adding to decades of inequality. Many of these women now face  insecure financial hardship due to the maladminister of both 1995 and 2011 State Pension age hikes, affecting more than 16,000 women in just the London Borough of Enfield..