My Clear Text

MyClearText provides high-quality speech-to-text reporting services across the UK and Ireland. We provide live, real-time text using highly trained stenographers. Our text output has a 99% accuracy level – at speeds of up to 250 words per minute. Using stenographers is still the best way to provide live, instant, accurate speech-to-text. Technology still has a long way to go! Who uses our services? Our services are invaluable for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, those with English as a second language and those with other accessibility needs. They are vital for anyone who wants to make their event, seminar or conference more accessible to the wider public.

Our services include on-site and remote speech-to-text reporting. Onsite we will provide a live subtitle overlay on your presentations or a separate screen of live scrolling text. Our remote services mean you can have the text delivered to your device or event without a writer in the room. In each case, we can advise you on suitability. MyClearText's passion and expertise is in providing this kind of access and working with the latest technology to make it more available and simple to use. We work closely with our clients to provide a full service. Unlike many of our competitors, which are agencies that simply book speech-to-text reporters, we work with our clients to understand their event and their venue and advise on the best solutions, we are available for troubleshooting and advise right to the end of the event. If you are an individual using our services we can advise you on what equipment to use and talk you through the process, we can also work with your colleagues and managers to help you get the right support and access that you need. We work with AV and production companies to make sure our technology works with theirs! Our writers who work onsite are professional and flexible and client-focused. That means we ensure you get the highest standards of service. Our other services include post-production subtitling for any of your company's filmed content. Using professional subtitlers we can turn around your content quickly, offering a range of different formats to suit any platform of your choice. Adding live subtitles to webinars is a great way of making your training more accessible easily. We can work with any webinar platform. Once recorded the subtitles are saved and ready for use again and again. We can also manage the webinars for you on the Zoom platform. If you are livestreaming we can add live subtitles to your livestreamed content making them instantly accessible for everyone. Many people watch online content in noisy environments, with live subtitles you instantly offer a way of access your event on the go thereby increasing your audience. With live subtitles your content is now accessible globally to those with English as a second language. We can also provide our own bespoke livestreaming service package with subtitles or work with your provider. If you'd like to add BSL interpretation to your event we can supply that too and add to the livestream. We use a team of interpreters who are familiar with our way of working. If you need a transcript of the talks and speeches at your event we can supply a draft within 24 hours of the event or less. Adding live subtitles to any event is a quick and easy win on your journey to making your events and company more accessible to all kinds of people. MyClearText are here to help you on that journey and make it as successful as possible.

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