A Woman’s Place is Making Change

Woman’s Place UK is a recently formed campaign to ensure women’s voices are heard and our right to single-sex spaces upheld, in relation to proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.  It is built upon the seasoned experience of women activists from trade unions and women’s services. As described on Mumsnet, Woman’s Place UK are ‘Savvy, assertive, unfailingly courteous but take no shit’.  This talk covers how our campaign demands, keeping women’s rights at the centre, help focus our work; the importance of consistency, creativity and stamina; relating to a wider evolving grassroots movement; lobbying and public meetings; the immense challenges of campaigning in the face of threats and intimidation.


Without precedent: virtue-signaling away women's rights

This talk will discuss the cultural impact of gender identity laws, and the effect of the cultural and political climate on the way that law is interpreted and implemented.

About Judith: Judith Green has been an activist since her teens, initially in the peace movement.  She works in women’s health and is a Royal College of Midwives steward. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has benefited from women-only therapeutic spaces for female survivors of male sexual violence.  She co-founded the campaign Woman’s Place UK with Kiri Tunks and Ruth Serwotka in September 2017 to ensure women’s voices were heard, and women’s rights to single-sex space upheld, in relation to any proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.  It is the most extraordinary campaign with which she has ever been involved and also the one in which she has seen most startling turn arounds.

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