Bec Wonders is an aspiring scholar in feminist publishing and women’s history. A graduate of both UBC and Emily Carr University, she recently earned her Masters in Publishing at Simon Fraser University, during which she took up research on censorship of, and backlash against, women’s spaces. Simultaneously, Wonders co-founded and ran the Vancouver Women’s Library. Her current PhD research at the Glasgow School of Art focuses on what a systematic documentation and mapping of feminist periodicals, 1970-1990, can reveal about the materiality of secondwave networks and strategies.

Wonders has participated in radical activism, beginning in 2004 with tree-sitting with her mother in protest against the encroachment of deforestation on the ancient rainforest of Cathedral Grove. She continued in 2015 with the blockading of roads in solidarity with the Tahltan peoples against trophy hunting in Iskut, as well as with the Gitsxan peoples against liquid natural gas pipelines at Madii Lii.

In her scholarship, Wonders is primarily interested in examining the material vehicles of print that enable liberation movements to network, quarrel, take ownership, and unfold. She approaches her research from a radical feminist and materiality-of-knowledge point of view and takes issue with the neoliberal appropriation of secondwave feminism and the homogenization and simplification of activist histories