Paula Boulton works professionally as a composer/musician and playwright/theatre director. She is also a forest school leader. Last year she started a Feminist Choir -  “Votes and Voices” to celebrate 100 years of partial suffrage for Women. She recently produced “Suffragette the Musical” with the choir and a local primary school.

A lifelong political activist, she notably walked to Moscow for peace in the 80s and was involved at Greenham Common. She set up and ran a Women’s Centre for 20 years, and established a Refuge in her home town of Corby. She is currently involved in Lesbian rights activism and is a Non-Violent Direct Action Trainer.  

She believes in using the arts - song in particular - during actions, and was part of a flash mob choir at both the Edinburgh Law Courts and the House of Commons - where activists sang “Trident - a British War Crime” to astonished listeners.

As a performer she merges her professional and political worlds as part of an eco-lesbian feminist theatre collective “Keep Earth Company” who will be sharing some new work in the open performance session following the song workshop.


PAULA BOULTON FEMINIST SONGS (to match with lyrics)



LESBIAN SINGALONG (to match with lyrics)


The inspiration for this workshop was a spontaneous moment at the end of last year's conference. I decided to sing the Witches song in response to the closing poem. I stood up and started to sing and the woman in front of me turned round and joined in. It was Rebecca who had actually written it! We linked arms and sang from our power and suddenly there was Lepa running towards us. She joined us on the other side and our voices rose. Magic moment indeed. Rebecca had shared the song with Lepa in Yugoslavia whilst Women in Black were visiting.

We hope to sing this en masse during this years conference!