A coming together of Women to March Against the Sex Trade.

Message from Fiona Broadfoot:

As a sex trade survivor I am leading ( with other sex trade survivors ) a walk in memory of the many women and girls who we have lost! so often their deaths go unreported or if they are reported the articles are victim blaming and without compassion.

I want women to stand in solidarity with our lost sisters and honour them.

Bradford has a very high number of girls and women who have lost their lives.

We will walk from the conference venue to the Centenary Square (an accessible walk of about 5 minutes).

We will read the names of those murdered in prostitution in the UK and take a moment of silence for them, laying flowers in their name.

A pot created by Claudia Claire called ‘The Invisible Man’ will then be broken.

Route for In Memory: March Against the Sex Trade

Route for In Memory: March Against the Sex Trade