Gunilla S. Ekberg is a Feminist activist, human rights lawyer, and researcher. Ms. Ekberg held the position as Special Advisor on trafficking in human beings to the Swedish Government for six and half years, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of legal and public policies and strategies on the prevention and elimination of prostitution and trafficking in human beings – the so called “Swedish Approach/Nordic Model.” She is regularly invited to provide legal and policy advice to governments, and to testify to parliamentary commissions about the human rights of women and girls with a focus on prostitution and trafficking in human beings.

 Ms. Ekberg has been the lead researcher on several national and EU-funded projects focusing on the demand for women and girls for prostitution and sexual exploitation, with a focus on the accountability of prostitution users, including leading a national prevalence research project on prostitution and human trafficking in Belgium commissioned by the federal Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities

She regularly collaborates with women’s equality-seeking organizations around the world on different issues concerning women’s human rights. For many years, Ms. Ekberg was a social worker working with victims of all forms of violence against women and girls and on their sexual and reproductive rights in a number of countries including in Sweden, Denmark, USA, and Canada. She is the founder of the non-governmental policy institute, Institute for Feminism & Human Rights based in Stockholm, Sweden.