I am a local ‘lesbian spinster of no parish.’ I am 52, have lived in Bradford for 29 years and have been a feminist for many more. I am the co-parent of an 11 year old son, am menopausal as he enters puberty and we are therefore challenged by hormones on a daily basis!

I am a survivor of sexual abuse, struggle with depression at times and also have a huge capacity for laughter and fun. Creativity has always helped me with my mental health and I have recently taken up crochet again for the first time since my own puberty – with vulvas fast becoming a yarning passion.

Workwise, I am a self -employed Early Years Educator, Storyteller and Forest School Practioner. I am a trained Primary School Teacher (but please don’t hold that against me!) and have begun to work as a Supply teacher since the austerity has hit Bradford badly and the Council cuts closed all our Children’s Centres. My passion is to challenge gender stereotypes, promote body positivity and teach consent in Early Years and in Primary schools in order to help prevent sexual exploitation and violence.