Button 3 Session 6 Sat



The Creative Vulva Appreciation Workshop

The session is designed to interactively explore how we have been socialised to think of our vulvas, the language and attitudes we were raised with and how we can positively reclaim and revere our genitalia as a powerful  part of our womanhood. The ability to experience sexual pleasure and give life has been a power patriarchy has sought to limit and control through FGM, lack of reproductive rights and medicalisation. Our vulvas have also been the site of sexual violence, abuse, hurt and shame. Young women grow up encouraged to never speak of them, shave and even change them via labiaplasty. In the session a combination of origami, claymodelling, discussion, books, colouring in and video clips will help women explore these issues in a playful yet serious way so we can reclaim the positive life affirming power of the vulva. In case folk might be worried (or disappointed) there will be no nudity in the session – self examination and the weaving of flowers and jewels into our pubic hair is for another time!

And there will be cake – fabulous cake, including gluten free and vegan fabulous cake.

Women Only