Ceri Durham

Ceri Durham is the newest trustee of the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS), which has been advocating for women's rights during childbirth and the maternity period for over 50 years. AIMS believes that if women's views, experiences and decisions were made a central feature of all maternity care, this would bring about safer
births for all women and their children. AIMS empowers women to make their birth decisions by providing independent support and information about maternity choices, raising awareness of current research, and campaigning for the protection of women's human rights in childbrth.

Ceri lives in Tower Hamlets where she is an active local campaigner and patient-user representative. She describes her role as being split into two – the complaining activist and the compassionate supporter: spending much of her time telling anyone who will listen about the perilous issue of women’s choice and birth autonomy in the UK today, whilst also having
the joy of running various birth-groups supporting women as they make their choices and plans for their birth.

Ceri's view is that even where autonomy and human rights are protected in theory, the women she supports tell a different story. Thankfully though, even where there have been difficulties with the birth,  inadequate care or other undesired outcomes, the wonderful birth stories full of joy and laughter from women who have had empowering andlife-affirming births, makes her know that this is a campaign worth fighting for.