Dr Karem Reitman

Karem is an immigrant. Immigration taught her the art of walking alone and opened her eyes to the boundaries humans put between each other. Karem is a mother. Motherhood taught her to respect the wisdom of her body and opened her eyes to the extreme social denigration of women’s bodies and women’s work in the home.

Before working as a full time mother, Karem earned a DPhil in Development Studies from Oxford and worked as a lecturer and consultant. While she still enjoys her academic work (which now happens after everyone is sleeping), she values the intense learning motherhood is granting her, and treasures being able to love her children as they need it.

Karem’s non-academic writings have appeared in Mothers At Home Matter, La Leche League, and karemama.blogspot.co.uk. She is currently working on a work of fiction a new blog.