Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald

Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald work nationally and internationally promoting the realization that torture victimization occurs in the private sphere and is an invisibilized human rights crime.  As human right defenders, educators, published authors, and nurses, their grass root support began 22 years ago with a woman seeking to heal from torture victimization which began in her infancy, perpetrated by family members.  Since then they have had various levels of contact with over 4000 mainly women who report such relational torture, commonly combined with being trafficked, ‘prostituted’, and forcedly involved in pornography.  Seeking to remove the human rights inequality, discrimination, and pathologisation that confronts women so tortured they have presented on panels during sessions of United Nations Commissions in New York City, Geneva, and Vienna and are members of the NGO, the Canadian Federation of University Women.  “Hidden Horrors” is a radio documentary of their work.  As feminist—Jeanne says since age three—Linda since age seven—they have partners; Linda has two daughters and a son, Jeanne has twin sons.  They present together because speaking out helps them stay well.  They manage their website: