Filiz Kerestecioğlu

Filiz Kerestecioğlu is a current Turkey MP representing HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party). Prior to her election, she worked 28 years as lawyer and editor of a law magazine. She has been involved in socialist and subsequently feminist movement for nearly 40 years. First feminist rally which took place in 1987 in İstanbul was a very historical moment in her life as a member of rally’s organization committee. She is one of the founders of Mor Çatı - the only women’s shelter in Turkey which is run by feminists and also İstanbul Bar Association Women’s Rights Center. She is the song writer and composer of the famous feminist song, Kadınlar Vardır (Women Do Exist) and the producer of the documentary which is named after the song. Her articles are published in several books and magazines. 

She also worked in Human Rights Association and fought especially against state’s oppression and violence towards Kurds in 90s. She has been active in women’s movements for peace in Turkey. She continues her struggle both in streets and the parliament now.