Michelle Tiwo

I am a poet, actor and spoken word educator. Since studying BA Journalism at Kingston University, I’ve dedicated my time to acting and writing poetry for the page and stage- receiving commissions from Royal College of Art and The Floating Showroom. Working as an actor for the last 7 years, I like to incorporate drama exercises and games to my workshops to help ease participants into poetry. I believe the body and voice are integral parts of performing and storytelling and also a great way to open up the imagination of people of all ages
My teaching is centred on encouraging and empowering young people to own their ideas, voices and stories. It has worked wonders with young people who have never experienced spoken word before from minority groups or difficult backgrounds. There is no such thing as a bad idea, but to see an idea flourish I encourage them to trust and respect themselves as well as the process. I am passionate about showing young people they already possess the tools they need to produce work they can be proud of. My work is reflective and thought provoking- it allows participants the opportunity to look inwards and examine themselves, and the world around them. My programme spurs students at all levels to be active participators in coming to their own conclusions, developing their own voices, critical thinking skills and confidence.