Gudrun Schyman

Gudrun Schyman,,  is one of the founders of the political party Feministiskt initiativ,  She has a professional background as a social-worker and has been active in both the anti-nuclear movement and the national and international peace movement.

She was previously a member of the Left Party and as such also a member of the national parliament 1988-2003. She was party leader from 1993-2003, when she left the Left Party. Feministiskt initiativ started officially 2005 and has since then developed into a feminist and antiracist movement that in last election gain seats in 13 local parliaments and 1 seat in the European parliament. Gudrun Schyman is since 2010 a local politician in Simrishamn (hometown), member of the national board of Feminist initiativ and one of two party leaders. Her professional work is educating and lecturing in the area of gender equality and nondiscrimination,