Esther Parry

A third-generation female activist, Esther Parry grew up in a socialist family where debate, protest, campaigning and charity work were the norm. Her first feminist complaint was in kindergarten and she's been involved in fighting for girls and women ever since, including getting MA Women’s Studies in 1999.

Since becoming a mother in 2011, her focus has been on the specific inequalities and prejudices facing stay at home mothers and carers. In 2014, she founded the campaign group All Mothers Work, combining activism with public speaking about topics such as the exploitation of unpaid female labour, and running its website, where she explores stereotypes about mothering, issues concerning mothers and children and other feminist topics, and puts forward AMW’s radical anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist agenda for the way mothering should be viewed, valued and acknowledged economically, legally, socially, and culturally. In addition, she writes anonymously on various subjects for other feminist websites, and is currently setting up a network of maternal feminist activists with other groups and individuals. She is also a writer, but best of all, as a SAHM, she gets to spend most of her time with her favourite person (speciality: foolhardy art projects).