I was born on February 22nd 1996 near Paris, from a Lebanese mother and a French father. I grew up in different parts of France. I graduated from a French-German high school and then as a civil engineer in 2018 from the engineering school INSA Rennes. I am currently studying architecture in the architecture school of Paris Belleville.

I was assaulted on the street by a man during the summer of 2018 and I posted the video of the attack online, which became viral. It drew media attention and I used this opportunity to raise awareness about violence against women and sexism in general. The man who physically assaulted me was convicted to prison. This event also led to me being harassed online by hundreds of people, mostly men. I pressed charges and the investigation is currently ongoing.

I was listed on the BBC 100 Women list of 2018 and I participated to the November 2018 United Nations campaign against violence against women. I regularly participate to conferences or do interviews and I am currently working on a book which I hope will inspire girls and women everywhere to resist and fight for our rights.