I’ve always considered myself a feminist but it wasn't until I hit 30  a couple of years ago that I realised how much more work there is to be done. I'm passionate about women's voices being heard and I am proud to be a part of FiLiA and so excited to be a part of this movement. I cannot wait to see what this wonderful group of women can achieve together.


I first came across feminist while studying international relations and realised I was a feminist. After my degree I went to volunteer for an organisation that was women focused. Currently I work for an homeless charity that has a large group of women with complex and interrelated needs. I want to make a difference and fight for women equality  but specially for women of colour because being one I know their struggles. 


Adeline Chandler is a pseudonym. She is Lead Writer and Public Policy Assistant at FiLiA and an ad hoc writer and researcher for Abortion Rights UK. She is also a Junior Researcher at the European women’s rights think tank Gender Five Plus, for whom she authored a paper on the future of UK women’s rights organisations following Brexit.

Adeline holds an MPhil in Gender Studies from Cambridge, where her dissertation focussed on the construction of female subjectivity in young adult fiction. Her passions include feminism, the poetry of Philip Larkin and Diet Coke.


She is Winner of IKWRO Special Recognition: Activist of the Year 2017. Sadia is a Spokesperson of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and has been featured in a 2016 film, "Islam's Non Believers", by award-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan. She is also a human rights activist and harmful traditional practices Consultant, based in Gloucestershire, working in the violence against women and secularism field, with a focus on Black Minority Ethnic women.

Sadia delivers specialist training to professionals around issues of honour crimes, forced and child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She is expanding the scope of her training to include dowry related abuse, female infanticide, acid attacks, polygamy, temporary wives, breast ironing, virginity testing, witchcraft accusations, son preference, forced pregnancy and stoning or flogging of women.

Sadia is the new BAME Spokeswoman and Podcaster for FiLiA


My name is Kendra Houseman. I have been involved with Gangs, Exploitation and CSE for over 28 years on many different levels. I am originally from South West London. A complicated background, living in an inner-city estate, and a lack of communication between adults are just some of the factors that lead to me having to make some life changing choices starting at the age of 11. I know educate people to understand the impact of gangs and exploitation through the eyes of a female .


Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans is a social theorist and philosopher with an interest in the philosophy and politics of the body. Having been an academic for nearly three decades, she is now also politically focussed, and works on national and international agendas to drive the rights of women and girls. 

Heather is a spokeswoman for FiLiA and can be reached for comment at:

Heather can speak on the topics of:

1) pornography
2) prostitution/ the Nordic Model of legal reform 
3) surrogacy
4) transgenderism, the law and women’s rights
5) transgenderism and children






Shabana is a feminist and a women's rights activist. Based in London, she works in ending Violence against Women and Girls through delivering training, campaigning and informing policy. She has worked locally, nationally and internationally in tackling gender based violence and is particularly interested in how race, gender and class intersect with violence against women.

Shabana is a spokeswoman for FiLiA and can be contacted to speak on topics including: 

  • VAWG
  • Gender Inequality/Women’s Rights
  • Intersectionality 
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Religion 

For comments please contact:

Jacqueline Winstanley

Jacqueline Winstanley Bsc Hons is a global disruptor & innovator with a deeply held and proven conviction to increasing equality of access to life’s opportunities  through the creation of inclusive environments.

She holds a series of directorships and key roles in organisations: Founder & CEO, Universal Inclusion & The Inclusive Entrepreneur; Chair, FLUIDITY, UK Forum for Hidden & Fluctuating Conditions; APPGD Secretariat, Hidden and Fluctuating Conditions UK; Trustee, DRUK Disability Rights UK, FILT (Foundation for Independent Living Trust): Co Chair, International Council of Caring Communities; Pink Shoe Club Ambassador & Diversity lead Team UK EB; Virgin Start Up Mentor.Executive Producer, Raising The Roof UK;Executive-Chair, Courage & Sparkle; Global Co-Chair - Friends of the Society for ‘Agequake’ Student Designers ICCC.

A thought leader in the reduction of global inequalities, Jacqueline’s work is recognised as good practice in the UK and Internationally, spearheading best practices with proof of concepts and outcomes most notably in Inclusive Economic Growth, Workforce Retention, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Play, Childcare, Parks and Open Spaces.

She is a recognised expert and consultant on accessibility and inclusion challenges. She is an Author, Public Speaker and regular contributor to National & International Advisory boards, Good Practice Guidelines, White Papers & Select Committee evidence sessions. Through her work with Universal Inclusion, Fluidity UK and The Inclusive Entrepreneur, she is committed to the global development of Inclusive Cities & Societies especially within the workplace and access to services: developing and sharing cross sector good practice, championing rights and protections of disabled people and others who face barriers to life’s opportunities.

Jacqueline has influenced significant changes in govt policy in the UK throughout her career, as a direct result of her clarity of vision in this area. She continues to raise awareness and effect change through collaboration and by communicating at all levels internationally on innovation in this area. She carries this brand ambition through all her activities and responsibilities.

Jacqueline Winstanley
Founder CEO Universal Inclusion
ICCC  Friends of the Society for Agequake Student Designers Co Chair 


Mirella first realised she was a feminist at school and went on to study International Relations at University, reading about feminist theory and the abuses women face all over the world.

After University she worked with one of the UK’s largest domestic violence providers for just under 3 years in bid development. Currently she works for an international development consultancy developing proposals and bids to provide health programs for women and girls in developing countries.

Mirella is our Grants Manager at FiLiA and is always looking for new opportunities for funding. If you have any information you think would be useful you can contact her at


I’m an artist and feminist art activist. For the last nine years I’ve been speaking out about non-State torture from my survivor perspective supported by Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald of Persons Against Non-State Torture, in Canada.

I use my art, speaking and writing in activism to name and recognise non-State torture as a specific form of mainly men’s violence against women and girls and to raise awareness of the torture of children by family and criminal networks including in child crime scene photos and films.

I’m very pleased to have been supported by FiLiA in exhibiting my art at the FiLiA conferences and FiLiArt exhibitions since 2014 and was a speaker on the Non-State Torture panel at the 2015 FiLiA conference. I'm currently co-authoring a book on my recovery/healing journey and a chapter with Jeanne and Linda for an International Handbook on Human Trafficking.

FiLiA role: to contribute to ongoing gender based non-State torture awareness and report, speak out more and reach more people on the topic of NST.


Maggy is a lesbian activist from Zimbabwe. She is our LGBT Immigration Liaison, working with Women Asylum Seekers Together, the Lesbian Immigration Support Group and First Wednesdays to bring asylum seeking women towards FiLiA's immigration action project, which is 2018's legacy project. She works directly with asylum seeking women, supporting lesbian asylum seekers, and she actively campaigns for the rights of LGBT asylum seekers. She engages in public speaking work as well as direct community engagement.

She is also setting up a FiLiA outreach project in Matebeleland to support women and girls there. The women's projects of Harare are inaccessible to those in Matebeleland who do not share the same cultural or linguistic ties, and there is virtually no provision currently in Matebeleland. 


Growing up as part of an Indian community, Kruti recognised the inequalities and injustices women and girls face early on and has been calling these out since she can remember. She is particularly passionate about intersectional feminism; challenging views that hide under the banner of "culture" or "tradition"; and tackling society's perception of women which sees them as lesser than men, treats them worse than men and does not give them the same opportunities as men. 

Kruti's professional and academic background is in economics and public policy. Over the last 6 years, she has worked at HM Treasury, the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office. She joined FiLiA at the end of 2016 to lead on policy and government engagement, which she hopes will help her to have a more positive impact on gender equality, culture and society.  

Kruti is happily married to Richard, also a strong and proud feminist, and they are have a baby daughter. She is looking forward to raising her daughter to be a strong and vocal feminist! 


Jo Rogers is a London-based writer, vegan and filmmaker. She found herself editing videos for FiLiA in 2017 and had no idea just how inspiring the experience would turn out to be. She is very proud to be part of FiLiA's volunteers and now plans to get more involved in feminist activism and events.

Jo studied for a degree in film production in London and graduated in 2015 with first class honours. Since then, Jo has set up her own film news site and is particularly interested in supporting women and minorities in the film industry. She also writes fiction and poetry in her spare time, whilst working as a freelance editor.
In the future, she hopes to set up her own documentary production company, making films about mental health, psychology, feminism and criminology.


Marta is passionate about women issues and human rights specially in Latin America.

FiLiA Role: Latin American Liaison

I joined FiLiA a bit more than a year ago in April 2018. As Lissa-Marie suggested when I approached her by phone she said, “we could meet for a coffee… or you can launch yourself to the deep end and join us to our next meeting ”

I love deep ends! So I joined this meeting, where I learnt issues going on in the UK of which I knew very little, in spite of having lived here for  more than 25 years, worked in Academia as a senior lecturer,  and spent 12 years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office heading their foreign language training department.  . 

Definitively, it was an eye-opening meeting. And the question was, “if you joined us , what would you like to do”?

No doubt at all. I felt that the connection with the Commonwealth and Europe was there, but what about Latin America? How to create bridges in spite of cultures, in spite of language barriers? I was clear that this should be my role. This was the starting point and then female magic happened. 

Thanks to FiLiA I was sent as their representative to participate in the Elas Fund and British Council II Dialogue of Women in Movement in September 2018 Rio de Janeiro. 

I met fantastic women (my Portuguese helped), and then, on to Buenos Aires where I was raised up, I felt the confidence to link with other groups.

So, what were the concrete achievements?

·     Bring for the first time the voices of Latin American Feminists to our October 2018 FiLiA Conference and managing successfully the cultural and linguistic barriers.

·     ABColombia talk. They made us aware of the struggle that human rights agents were facing after the peace agreement in Colombia after 50 years of internal war. 

·     Vivas nos Queremos (We want ourselves alive) Campana Grafica. Argentina. They told us about: 

1 the struggle to have abortion legalised in Argentina

2 their actions to denounce femicide through art defying media gory images of women raped, mutilated, disposed in rubbish bags. Through their graphic campaign they started to get the record right showing them as valuable women. 


Carol Ann Whitehead, Co-Founder and Director, The Zebra Partnership Ltd

Founded in 2000, The Zebra Partnership are a boutique agency based in Manchester and Cheshire, that brings together talented individuals in the fields of project management, communications, event planning, editorial and publishing across all sectors on a project by project basis. A flexible team that can white label, co-produce or work under their own brand.

Carol Ann is a communications expert that has had over twenty years of organising events of all shapes and sizes from 8 to 8000, indoors and outdoors, here in the U.K. and overseas, owned her own theatre school plus experience of developing and organising five royal visits since 2004. 

A former news contributor for the television Breakfast Show on Channel M and Event 'Whats on pundit' for BBC Radio Manchester and Pure Radio. Carol Ann is an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University with her Zebra office based on campus at the Innospace centre, Business Ambassador for the Mancunian Way Charity, Governor and is the winner of several awards.

An advocate for women's rights and equality she has organised International Women's Day events since 2013, a guest of Dr Helen Pankhurst and the team for the 2018 100th anniversary for 'Votes for Women'. Carol Ann has collaborated with feminist charity FiLiA to bring their globally recognised annual conference to Manchester for 2018. 

Her latest brand extension is 'Dazzle' (the name given to a group of Zebras) its life coaching and mentor support for women. 

Carol Ann will be facilitating and speaking at the MICE Meet and Talk Forum in Malaga in April 2018 and has been nominated for the CHS Industry Personality of the Year 2018.



Twitter: @Zebra_caro

FiLiA Role: Events Manager