Heather Brunskell-Evans

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans is a social theorist and philosopher with an interest in the philosophy and politics of the body. Having been an academic for nearly three decades, she is now also politically focussed,  and works on national and international agendas to drive the rights of women and girls. She is a spokeswoman for FiLiA.




Rachel Meyrick

I attended Feminism In London conference for the first time in 2015.  It was such an exciting weekend and I couldn't wait for the next conference.  I knew immediately I wanted to participate in some way to bring that next conference about.  This whole amazing event is organised by amazing volunteers and I'm excited to be a part of that. 

Kirstie Summers

Kirstie Summers is a London-based writer whose work gives her an opportunity to explore and comment on all kinds of exciting things, from new technology to old literature. She was lucky enough to have been raised to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to and wants to be a part of the force that ensures that no little girl feels restricted by the circumstances of her birth.

Working with FiLiA gives her an opportunity to be on the ground floor of the women’s rights movement in London. She uses her creative writing skills to communicate the important work done at FiLiA to whoever will read it in the hopes it will encourage more people to get involved and make the world a better place.

Kara Newsome

Hi, I'm Kara. I'm a new volunteer at FiLiA and am delighted to be part of such an inspiring collection of women. FiLiA is making such a difference to women from all different walks of life, especially those at a vulnerable time in their lives. I'm in charge of merchandise for the conference this year and make use of my background in Human Resources whenever it is needed. I am also heading up a project to spread the word on the harms of pornography.

Kruti Walsh

Growing up as part of an Indian community, Kruti recognised the inequalities and injustices women and girls face early on and has been calling these out since she can remember. She is particularly passionate about intersectional feminism; challenging views that hide under the banner of "culture" or "tradition"; and tackling society's perception of women which sees them as lesser than men, treats them worse than men and does not give them the same opportunities as men. 

Kruti's professional and academic background is in economics and public policy. Over the last 6 years, she has worked at HM Treasury, the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office. She joined FiLiA at the end of 2016 to lead on policy and government engagement, which she hopes will help her to have a more positive impact on gender equality, culture and society.  

Kruti is happily married to Richard, also a strong and proud feminist, and they are expecting their first child. She is looking forward to raising her daughter to be a strong and vocal feminist! 

Jesusa Ricoy

I’m a Spanish woman living in London for 25 years, an antenatal teacher, lecturer and what I term a matriactivist.

I’m also a mother to two boys and a girl.
My main focus politically within feminism is birth in general and obstetric violence in particular.
I have created an international movement to fight obstetric violence and I’m doing a documentary about birth.

I’m a feminist because (rephrasing another feminist) "I will not be compliant to my own dehumanisation".
I’m an activist because I cannot ignore injustice.

Therefore I'm volunteering for FiLiA because I believe in the power of our sisterhood.



Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson has been a photographer for a number of years now. Self taught, her preferred style of photography documentary. She loves telling stories by capturing and putting together a series of images conveying the message often more powerfully than the spoken word.

Recently retired she plans to focus full time on photography.

Her main passions currently are: women's protest, celebrating diversity and social commentary.

Leah Jewett

Leah Jewett

Leah, who grew up in 1960s San Francisco and went to Barnard College/Columbia University in New York, is a freelance writer and editor with an interest in empowering girls/women as well as addressing issues around masculinity. Since 2016, when she took voluntary redundancy from the Guardian after 17 years as deputy chief sub-editor on the Observer Magazine, she’s been going down the route of RSE (relationships and sex education) with a focus on consent, pleasure and the impact of porn. As RSE working group lead for the Women’s Equality Party, as well as co-leader of the Camden branch, she lined up and chaired a panel discussion about teenagers and sex featuring comedian Sara Pascoe. Currently she is exploring the angle of parental engagement with RSE at home and at school. In 2016 Leah was thrilled to do a Q&A interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Married to the Englishman she met while working in film in Paris (and then proposed to), she is having the time of her life watching her daring daughter and gentle son grow up. Generally she swims through the winter at the Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath.

Eva Pintado

Eva Pintado

Eva joined FiLiA at the beginning of 2017, focusing on the relationship between women and the environment. She grew up in southern Spain where she gained her strong passion for the environment and became aware of the great gender inequality and confined gender roles that rule society. After living in Mexico and Italy, Eva moved to the UK in 2011 where she works on tropical forest conservation and climate change projects. She is particularly interested in the empowerment of women, especially those at risk of social exclusion and poverty; the role of women in the management of environmental resources, conservation and climate change; prostitution; and gender roles and stereotypes. 


Huda Jawad

Huda Jawad

Huda is the SAFE Communities Coordinator at Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, a charity that supports organisations, the police, socials services, health workers to identify and respond effectively to domestic violence. She has worked in the area of domestic violence since 2010 and coordinated the first study of its kind looking at the lives of 100 women after separating from their abusive partners, over a three year period. Previously, Huda worked and led in conflict resolution, community organising and political engagement of grassroots communities.

Born in Baghdad, she settled in the UK in 1988. Huda is passionate about intersectional feminism and is particularly interested in looking at how faith and spirituality can strengthen efforts to eradicate violence against women and girls.

She has a Bsc in Psychology and Sociology and an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from SOAS, London.

Leah Willersdorf

Leah Willersdorf

An Australian reporter living in the UK since 1995, Leah has been a stenographer for almost 26 years, 22 of which have been providing realtime in all areas of the profession (court, conferences, meetings, interviews, etc).  Leah has covered FiL in 2014 and 2015 and says she finds it THE most inspirational event on her calendar each year.  

Leah says, “My co-worker, Susan, and I were really looking forward to the 2016 event but totally understood the organisers had to take time out to assess the new format.  We can’t wait to see it and play a vital role in it!  We just love when this annual event comes round.  Yes, it is challenging at times with the speed at which people speak, but it can be emotional and highly charged, and we love nothing more than providing live subtitles to enable events like this to be accessible to everyone.  See you mid-October.  Don’t be shy…..come and say hi!”  

Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson

I have been a feminist for as long as I can remember. I currently work supporting the response to violence against women and am passionate about not just responding but preventing it happening in the first place. I believe violence against women is both a cause and consequence of women’s inequality and so am passionate about making the world feminist.

Four years ago I went to my first Feminism in London Conference and was blown away by the amazing speakers and atmosphere. It reinforced and invigorated my feminist activism and have loved being involved with the organisation since. There are so many awful things that happen to women across the world, but their resilience, intellect, humour and tenacity is inspiring – Women are awesome!

Alice Rowe

Alice Rowe

Alice discovered feminism when studying at university and ever since then has taken every opportunity available to fight for gender equality. Whether that be from working on a women's empowerment project in Bolivia to today where she works as part of a leading domestic abuse charity in London. Alice is determined to change the world and has at least three feminist rants a day accompanied by a cup of tea.

Amanda Costa

Amanda Costa

Amanda is originally from Santos, Brazil. She started challenging the "macho" society in which she was brought up in Latin America at a very young age, being seen somewhat as a troublemaker by friends and family members.

Amanda is a Corporate Manager who has lived and worked in Brazil, USA and Switzerland, coordinating initiatives related to Diversity in the workplace, among other professional projects. She has been living in the UK for a couple of years now and she also volunteers at the Latin American Women's Aid (LaWA) office as translator and case-workers' assistant. 

Cathy Hookey

Cathy Hookey

Cathy is an artist, illustrator and writer based out of Houston, Texas.

Cathy graduated Falmouth University with a BAHons in Illustration, before working in children’s television with the BBC, doing an internship as a gift designer for cosmetics, and working as a farm hand.

Her art crosses broad platforms, including fine art painting, printing and mixed media, children’s narrative illustration and commercial advertising illustration.

Her work centres around hope, community and finding meaning in suffering. Both her artwork and her illustration make heavy use of symbolism, colour and humour, and is concerned especially with lifting up young women and girls.

Cathy is currently illustrating her first self-penned feminist picture book, working on a series of paintings of modern Goddesses and running drawing workshops.

Her portfolio is available at www.cathyhookey.com

Jacqueline Winstanley

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons

Founder & CEO- Universal Inclusion & The Inclusive Entrepreneur

Chair - FLUIDITY UK Forum for Hidden & Fluctuating Conditions

Pink Shoe Club Ambassador & Diversity Lead

APPGD Secretariat Hidden and fluctuating conditions UK

Virgin Start Up Mentor

Executive Chair - Courage & Sparkle Foundation

Global Co-Chair -  Friends of the Society for ‘Agequake’ Student Designers, ICCC

Trustee -  Foundations for Independent Living

Trustee -  Disability Rights UK

Sadia Hameed

Sadia Hameed

Sadia is a frontline professional, based in Gloucestershire, working in the sexual violence field, with a focus on Black Minority Ethnic women. Through her experiences, Sadia became aware that despite the prevalence of “honour” based violence in the area, there was an absence of specialist support services for victims and Survivors in the county.

Determined to tackle “honour” based violence within Gloucestershire, Sadia not only challenges community members, but also those from outside the community who remain silent about the abuse. Sadia independently campaigns to raise awareness about the issues within Gloucestershire and to look for ways to ensure that local victims and survivors of “honour” based violence are safeguarded and supported.

Sadia organised and personally funded a hugely successful event titled ‘Let’s Talk Honour’ in October 2016, which was held at Gloucester University. Sadia spoke passionately about her experiences and brought together leading activists from across the country to educate the hundreds of delegates on the issue and help spark a local movement. Sadia has achieved the start of a local network connected with national organisations.

Sadia launched Gloucestershire Sisters, a new organisation to support victims and Survivors in the county. The organisation has an email support service and Sadia is delivering school workshops and training professionals about “honour” based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

Daniela C. Pichler

Daniela C. Pichler

Daniela is an experienced global campaigner and activist, and has worked with international NGOs around the world for over 15 years. Her focus is on the environment, women’s & human rights, animal welfare and international development.

She holds a UNESCO Master’s degree in Peace and Development studies and a second one in International Political Science and has worked in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Canada.

During the so-called refugee crisis she visited women in refugee camps as Head of Mission of Amnesty international Austria throughout 2015 and documented female refugees’ vulnerability to exploitation, discrimination and abuse.

Many of these women and girls had fled countries such as Syria, Irak and Afghanistan and were travelling alone or with children, some of them pregnant and many of them subject to sexual and gender-based violence.

All women refugees are among those who are particularly at risk and require effective protection. At the same time, many of these women have developed smaller and bigger initiatives to use art as a means to cope with their situation, using creativity to raise awareness and encourage fellow refugees to realise their own potential.