Maggy Moyo

Maggy is a lesbian activist from Zimbabwe who is working with FiLiA to coordinate the 2018 Legacy Project with Women Asylum Seekers Together and Lesbian Immigration Support Group.

"I will continue to fight and speak up for all that i believe in, which is love, acceptance, gender equality, equal rights and diversity.  I vow to speak up and fight for the voiceless, vulnerable women and children because my manhood and masculinity is in my tongue."

Kruti Walsh

Growing up as part of an Indian community, Kruti recognised the inequalities and injustices women and girls face early on and has been calling these out since she can remember. She is particularly passionate about intersectional feminism; challenging views that hide under the banner of "culture" or "tradition"; and tackling society's perception of women which sees them as lesser than men, treats them worse than men and does not give them the same opportunities as men. 

Kruti's professional and academic background is in economics and public policy. Over the last 6 years, she has worked at HM Treasury, the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office. She joined FiLiA at the end of 2016 to lead on policy and government engagement, which she hopes will help her to have a more positive impact on gender equality, culture and society.  

Kruti is happily married to Richard, also a strong and proud feminist, and they are have a baby daughter. She is looking forward to raising her daughter to be a strong and vocal feminist! 


I strive for equality and justice. This wheels me on to create a platform for those who are marginalised to have a voice to challenge social injustice and inequality within our community. My experience comes 20 years of pressing for change. Using awareness raising events; educating people about the common good, and specifically being involved in running voluntary and community organisations (since 1998). The diverse project I have being involved in includes BME, wellbeing, and children and family projects. 

Until recently, I was the Vice Chair for the Independent Advisory Group for GMP. I worked within the Prison service as an Equality Manager, a post I held dear for 10 years, re-educating and pushing the Equality agenda so that Women prisoners can develop their voices and treated fairly.

I am the creative founder for ‘Nexus’ an Equality Network, looking at Equality in practice, and also the founder of EaICO which is an African, and Caribbean Young people and Family Organisation. I also co-ordinate a Wellbeing project for Disability Stockport whereby I manage 26 groups supporting their pathway to independence. Another initiative I created was to develop a pool of community trainers ‘Aspiring Boldly Associates’, educating community, and organisation on areas of equality and community development. Recently, I was part of a group of Organisations that came together to developed the ‘African and Caribbean Health & Poverty Partnership for Women’.

The world is broken particularly so for those that journey through adversity.  I believe that we can all make a difference.   I aim to bring to Filia my expertise in championing the Equality agenda particularly related to gender. I am very excited to join this wonderful but important venture.  It will give me an opportunity to become an everyday change maker for Gender specific issues.

Outside work, I enjoy quiet moments and spending time with family.


Shabana is a feminist and a women's rights activist. Based in London, she works in ending Violence against Women and Girls through delivering training, campaigning and informing policy. She has worked locally, nationally and internationally in tackling gender based violence and is particularly interested in how race, gender and class intersect with violence against women.

Jo Rogers

Jo Rogers is a London-based writer, vegan and filmmaker. She found herself editing videos for FiLiA in 2017 and had no idea just how inspiring the experience would turn out to be. She is very proud to be part of FiLiA's volunteers and now plans to get more involved in feminist activism and events.

Jo studied for a degree in film production in London and graduated in 2015 with first class honours. Since then, Jo has set up her own film news site and is particularly interested in supporting women and minorities in the film industry. She also writes fiction and poetry in her spare time, whilst working as a freelance editor.
In the future, she hopes to set up her own documentary production company, making films about mental health, psychology, feminism and criminology.


Francesca is an ecofeminist and has lived and learnt about feminism and ecology in Italy, Mexico and Britain. She used to research in linguistics, environmental issues, gender and politics, and now works in publishing. Her positive gender equality attitude comes first of all from being the 'FiLiA' of two amazing feminists, Luisa and Mario.

FiLiA Role: Education and Development


Angeles Reyes-Ridgeley MMRS helps businesses and projects through people-advocacy, research and co-creation. She created, a feminist social enterprise for individuals and projects to trade and talk, so that the feminist pound is passed on through feminist hands and we finally get to influence society through economics too - feminist consumers need a louder voice to really influence branding and media representation.

FiLiA Role: Social Media Support



Marta is passionate about women issues and human rights specially in Latin America.

Volunteered on this issues in Buenos Aires, Mexico and Spain.
Currently co-presenting “Justicia Impositiva”, a radio programme produced by Tax Justice UK for Latin America dealing with the negative impact of tax evasion.
Volunteer for Cavernoma Alliance UK

FiLiA Role: Latin American Liaison


Carol Ann Whitehead, Co-Founder and Director, The Zebra Partnership Ltd

Founded in 2000, The Zebra Partnership are a boutique agency based in Manchester and Cheshire, that brings together talented individuals in the fields of project management, communications, event planning, editorial and publishing across all sectors on a project by project basis. A flexible team that can white label, co-produce or work under their own brand.

Carol Ann is a communications expert that has had over twenty years of organising events of all shapes and sizes from 8 to 8000, indoors and outdoors, here in the U.K. and overseas, owned her own theatre school plus experience of developing and organising five royal visits since 2004. 

A former news contributor for the television Breakfast Show on Channel M and Event 'Whats on pundit' for BBC Radio Manchester and Pure Radio. Carol Ann is an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University with her Zebra office based on campus at the Innospace centre, Business Ambassador for the Mancunian Way Charity, Governor and is the winner of several awards.

An advocate for women's rights and equality she has organised International Women's Day events since 2013, a guest of Dr Helen Pankhurst and the team for the 2018 100th anniversary for 'Votes for Women'. Carol Ann has collaborated with feminist charity FiLiA to bring their globally recognised annual conference to Manchester for 2018. 

Her latest brand extension is 'Dazzle' (the name given to a group of Zebras) its life coaching and mentor support for women. 

Carol Ann will be facilitating and speaking at the MICE Meet and Talk Forum in Malaga in April 2018 and has been nominated for the CHS Industry Personality of the Year 2018.



Twitter: @Zebra_caro

FiLiA Role: Events Manager





Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans is a social theorist and philosopher with an interest in the philosophy and politics of the body. Having been an academic for nearly three decades, she is now also politically focussed, and works on national and international agendas to drive the rights of women and girls. 

FiLiA Role: Spokeswoman






"I first  attended Feminism In London conference in 2015.  It was such an exciting weekend and I couldn't wait for the next conference.  I knew immediately I wanted to participate in some way to bring that next conference about and so I became a volunteer (which I juggle with full time paid work and being a single parent - we all do what we can).  The FiLiA conference is organised by amazing women volunteering their time to create a weekend that is unique, important and so special, and I am very excited to be a part of it."

FiLiA Role: Stalls Manager



Kirstie Summers is a London-based writer whose work gives her an opportunity to explore and comment on all kinds of exciting things, from new technology to old literature. She was lucky enough to have been raised to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to and wants to be a part of the force that ensures that no little girl feels restricted by the circumstances of her birth.

Working with FiLiA gives her an opportunity to be on the ground floor of the women’s rights movement in London. She uses her creative writing skills to communicate the important work done at FiLiA to whoever will read it in the hopes it will encourage more people to get involved and make the world a better place.

FiLiA Role: Magazine Editor and Writer