Samantha Jane Pay

Samantha Jane Pay

Samantha is a qualified and registered, multidisciplinary therapist, running both private and corporate clinics in Surrey and London. She works with the person-centred model, specialising in domestic violence, abuse, and sexual trauma recovery, having trained and worked at The Women’s Trust in 2006-2008. Sam worked as the policy committee co-leader and researcher for The Violence Against Women and Girls Policy submission for The Women’s Equality Party’s first policy document in 2015. She also contributed to the WEP London manifesto, and co-wrote the 2016 HASC enquiry submission on prostitution for WEP. Sam founded the Beauty vs Women project in 2013, editing and running its campaign website, and is currently developing its associated testing system for film and television - the BVW test - for visual media content which places a feminist lens on depictions of sexualised violence in the cultural landscape. She may soon be developing this work further as a PhD exploring how female victim/survivors of sexual violence experience depictions of violence against women in film, television and associated new media.