Suzzan Blac

Suzzan Blac

My name is Suzzan Blac and I am a survivor of child sexual and physical abuse. At the age of sixteen I was trafficked, beaten and raped; I was forced into pornography and prostitution.

I did not realise or acknowledge that I had been abused, until at the age of thirty-three, I sought the help of a counsellor. I have suffered complex PTSD ever since.

I am an author and an artist. Between 2000-2004 I painted forty-two images of my story of abuse for my own personal recovery. For the last few years I have used my art and my story to train social workers in child sexual abuse, exploitation and secondary victimisation.

I am also an advocate against child and adult abuse. My focus is centred around females. As sexually abused girls often become teenagers who display high-risk sexual behaviours, self-harm and are more prone to become victims of grooming, rapes, prostitution and pornography.

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