I’m an artist and feminist art activist. For the last nine years I’ve been speaking out about non-State torture from my survivor perspective supported by Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald of Persons Against Non-State Torture, in Canada.

I use my art, speaking and writing in activism to name and recognise non-State torture as a specific form of mainly men’s violence against women and girls and to raise awareness of the torture of children by family and criminal networks including in child crime scene photos and films.

I’m very pleased to have been supported by FiLiA in exhibiting my art at the FiLiA conferences and FiLiArt exhibitions since 2014 and was a speaker on the Non-State Torture panel at the 2015 FiLiA conference. I'm currently co-authoring a book on my recovery/healing journey and a chapter with Jeanne and Linda for an International Handbook on Human Trafficking.


FiLiA role: to contribute to ongoing gender based non-State torture awareness and report, speak out more and reach more people on the topic of NST.