Who is FiLiA

We are a women-led volunteer organisation.  The word 'filia' means daughter, reflecting that we are the daughters of the women who came before us; women who fought for our children, our bodies, ourselves. Their legacy challenges us to keep fighting for the liberation of all women and girls today.  

At the centre of our work is an annual conference showcasing and disseminating the work of researchers, NGOs, campaigners, artists and individuals who focus on improving the world for women and girls. 

In 2015, we were granted charitable status for the purposes of promoting equality and diversity, promoting human rights, and promoting the arts.

Our Aims

Human rights

Aim: To promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) and in particular women's rights throughout the world.

Equality & Diversity

Aim: The promotion of equality and diversity, in particular equality between women and men, and to eliminate gender discrimination, including by running an annual conference.

The Arts

Aim: To promote art for the benefit of the public, in particular to promote the art of women, especially socially excluded women, by the provision of an art exhibition at the annual conference, and other collaborations.

FiLiA are available for comments on a range of feminist issues, to reach us for comment pleases email: info@filia.org.uk.