At FiLiA we try to ensure that we are as accessible as possible.  If you think we can do better and have a specific suggestion, please email us and we will do our best.

In the interim if you have any specific requirements and want to discuss these prior to booking your ticket please email

Our normal accessibility standards are as follows:

Wheelchair access

The venue is wheelchair accessible throughout.

Deaf / hearing impaired access

We will have speech to text relay in the main room for the keynote and closing speeches.  If you need a signer, STTR in another room, or a note-taker then please contact us and we will do our best to assist.  There is a hearing loop at the venue.

Blind / visually impaired access

We are able to provide a volunteer to accompany visually impaired attendees. 

Spectrum disorders and / or PTSD

We know that a busy conference can act as a trigger for those with various sensory or spectrum disorders as well as those who have experienced trauma.  We have quiet space set aside where attendees can go for time out. 


We encourage women from around the globe to attend. We do not have the capacity to provide translators but we can facilitate those who bring a friend to translate by, for example, ensuring that you are seated at the end of a row where translation will not be intrusive to others. 


We welcome parents and children below the age of twelve can attend, including attendance at the crèche or children's workshops, free of charge.  Children are also welcome at the main workshops although please use your discretion as to what is appropriate for your child.  Breastfeeding is welcome throughout, including during panels and workshops, and the venue will ensure access to hot water for making up bottles.  There is a baby changing facility at the venue.  The venue is pushchair-accessible or these can be left at the cloakroom.

Lower income attendees

Concession tickets are available.