Art and Feminism

We believe that art has a unique ability to communicate the diversity of women’s experiences, and to engage the public with feminism in an accessible way. The arts have been an important feature of our annual Feminist Conference since its revival in 2013. We have curated six art exhibitions that have been featured at the conference, building a network of more than 150 female artists and collectives who bring a feminist sensibility to their art. The works showcased at the conference have also been exhibited at several London galleries, including Space Station 65 (2013), Iklectik (2014), and Oxford House (2016). We have also staged productions of the Vagina Monologues, film screenings, and spoken word poetry nights. 



 We believe that art can be a powerful force for change, and support artists and collectives that draw attention to issues affecting women worldwide. We have a long-term commitment to the development of the feminist arts community in England, the UK, and internationally. We do this by acting as a hub in a network of like-minded groups, bringing together the worlds of art, academy, and activism in innovative ways. Feminism in London’s merger with Resist Porn Culture in 2016 (to form FiLiA) means that we also seek to showcase artistic practice that challenges harmful representations of women in pornography and popular culture. In 2016, we held a groundbreaking Symposium exploring art as activism.

ART as empowerment

We believe in supporting the artistic self-expression of disadvantaged and at-risk women and girls, as well as the organisations using art workshops and therapy to help them. Through art, we aim to empower minority and at-risk women by facilitating their creative self-expression, and by achieving greater public awareness and understanding of their experiences. We want to open channels of communication about how art intersects with feminism, activism, and issues affecting women.

"Sis Confidence", Jacqueline McFarlane

"Sis Confidence", Jacqueline McFarlane

Art exhibition at  FIL 2015 .

Art exhibition at FIL 2015.


We believe that the art world needs to be more diverse and more representative of women. Since 2013, we have been working hard to promote women artists at our annual exhibits. We support the development of emerging and established female artists, and women artists from minority and disadvantaged groups. One of the ways that we do this is through the Emerging Female Artists Prize.