About the Conference

Welcome to Feminism in London!  In 2015, we were granted charitable status for the purposes of promoting equality and diversity, promoting human rights, and promoting the arts. Our organisation is now known as FiLia. At the centre of our work is an annual conference showcasing and disseminating the work of researchers, NGOs, and individuals in the sphere of women's rights. 

FiL is women-run and women-led, but is open to everyone to attend. It will focus on activism and inspiration not just academic discourse, although we intend that all attendees should be able to enjoy the event and gain from it.

The conference addresses a wide range of issues from feminist history to women's human rights.

At FiL we hope to approach these topics in a way that is engaging yet accessible. 

The objectives of FiL are to provide an explicitly feminist conference which will be inclusive of all women, including women with disabilities, women of colour, LGBT women, younger and older women, women on lower incomes and women with children. We feel strongly that sexism and male domination are not over when the most privileged women in society alone move forward; feminism must include all women or it is not feminism at all. The focus of the conference is on what we can achieve together.

The format of the conference from year to year generally includes an opening panel discussion, followed by breakaway sessions throughout the day.  A highlight of the conference is the art exhibition.  We also have a film room, a 'soft space' for those who are triggered by subject matter, those who are non-neurotypical or have spectrum disorders, and those who simply want a quiet space. There is a free creche, and workshops for children.

We have been honoured in past years to conclude the conference with the presentation of the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize.