Frequently asked Questions

What is the pricing structure?

Full Price Tickets: £50 for the whole weekend
Concessionary Ticket: £20 for the whole weekend (age 12-18 / students / over 60’s (nod to the #WASPI Women) / in receipt of benefits)
Children age 11 and under go free (please register them for the children’s workshops when you buy your tickets)
We run a Solidarity Ticket scheme so that we can gift tickets to Women who otherwise would not be able to attend.

The Saturday evening party is ticketed separately at £5

I want to bring my children, are they welcome?

Yes.  There is a creche for pre-schoolers and workshops for primary age children.

What about teenagers?

Teenagers are very welcome to attend. We've found that most teenagers who attended did not want to be funnelled into their own sessions and preferred to attend the main ones. 

Is the FiLiA conference women only?

No. All are welcome.

Are the workshops all open to everyone?

Most sessions are open to all, though we will hold Women-Only-Space where requested by the session facilitators.
Some sessions are also restricted by number. Any restricted sessions will be clearly marked as such.

Will there be disabled access?

Yes. Please see the accessibility page.

I am neurodivergent / have sensory needs and I'm not sure I can cope with the noise.

We will have quiet space set apart for those who need some time out.

I have experienced trauma and I am worried I will be triggered by the content of the workshops.

We have quiet space set aside.

You don't have the workshop / speaker I wanted.  Why not?

We have designed the programme based on the feedback from previous years and what attendees said they wanted.  If you want something in particular for next year please send in your ideas to

I disagree with one of your speakers.

Feel free not to attend that session. We have others!  We realise that not every feminist will agree with every speaker, but we believe that there really is something for everyone available at FiLiA, and if one workshop doesn't appeal then another will.

Will there be food available at the venue?

The 2019 Conference is being held in the centre of Bradford - there are many places to buy food in the area, and the hotel has a restaurant too. We cannot cover the costs of food unfortunately, but please feel free to bring your own.

Rules of discussion

Most panel sessions at FiLiA end with a Q&A discussion with the audience. We cover a wide range of topics at FiLiA including those with sensitive or personal content. We ask all who attend FiLiA to hold the following principles in mind:

* Even if you disagree with another delegate or a speaker, please assume they are speaking with good faith

* Avoid personal attacks and generalisations about groups

* If you are speaking from the floor and are asked to give way by the chair, please do so promptly

* Please do not interrupt other delegates or speakers

* FiLiA takes a zero tolerance stance towards sexism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia