Jeanne Sarson and Linda Macdonald speak out against Non-State Torture

Here is a link to a podcast (16:30 mins) of Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson being interviewed about their work on non-State torture (NST) by the renowned feminist Robin Morgan on her radio show Women's Media Live.  For 22 years now Linda and Jeanne have been supporting women who have endured NST; speaking with over 4000 women who have survived non-State torture from countries such as Canada, US, from Western Europe, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. And they have provided complex support to 30 women survivors of non-State torture. Recently they have advocated for women in prostitution who have endured NST standing firmly against the Amnesty International policy that prostitution is "sex work" as their position is torture is not work. As a breakthrough in feminist theory Jeanne and Linda's body of work on non-State torture fills the missing piece in the continuum of violence against women and girls. They both live in Nova Scotia, Canada where they continue as educators, researchers, published authors, members of the NGOs CFUW and GWI, human rights defenders and activists for laws against NST. You can find more about their work at and follow Linda's tweets @lindamacnst