FiLiArts exhibition December 9-16th London

In 2015, London’s largest feminist conference, Feminism in London (FiL), was granted charitable status for the purposes of promoting equality and diversity, human rights, and the arts.

In 2016, FiL is merging with Resist Porn Culture, to form FiLia. Reflecting the ideals of sisterhood and mutual support that Feminism in London promotes, the name combines the concept of ‘philia’ – friendship among equals – with ‘filia’, meaning daughter, symbolising the continuity between today’s feminists and the waves of feminism that came before.

At FiLia we believe that art has an important role to play in exploring the issues affecting women worldwide. The aim of FiLiArt events is to engage the public in a dialogue with unique perspectives on feminism and women’s lives. Through art, we provide a platform to the voices of minority and at-risk women, and the organisations representing them. Our annual gallery shows seek to bring these perspectives to a wider audience, and to have a positive community impact through opportunities to participate in workshops, artist talks and panel discussions.

The merger of Feminism in London with Resist Porn Culture means that we will also be focusing on representations of women in pornography and in popular culture, showcasing artists who challenge these representations and highlight their harms. It will be important to involve young people, who are among the most affected by porn culture.

FiLiArt will run from 9-16 December 2016, at Oxford House, Bethnal Green, E2 6HG. With more than fifty UK and international artists and collectives expected to exhibit, FiLiArt will offer an exciting, vibrant experience, including work from high-profile, established artists as well as newcomers, and art by vulnerable women. All types of media will be showcased, including visual art, sculpture, film, performance, fashion and textiles.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the event and also receiving your submissions by 30 September 2016, at

The FiLia Team