The One Dress project

How much power does one dress have?

One Dress, a textiles art piece by couture label and textiles artist Tammam, aims to reclaim traditional women’s crafts such as embroidery, that have been devalued by mass production, and bring the creator and consumer back together.

The dress is designed to be a voice for all women, supporting the feminist cause. One Dress will act as a blank sheet, with words from women in the UK and around the world embroidered on it. Every word will be embroidered by an artisan, whose name will be recorded in a register so viewers of the project can learn about who created the piece.

The unembellished dress debuted at FiLiArt in December, and funds raised through the project have supported the FiLia Art show and upcoming FiLiA exhibitions and workshops. 

One Dress is being crowdfunded, with support from Arts Council England. Visit the site to contribute to this project (pledges start at £2), and have your word embroidered on the historical dress.

One Dress will tell the story of what it means to be a woman, and the power of being a feminist.