Yesterday I went on a protest for access to justice for women and girls. Because justice is a basic right of citizenship and yet because of entrenched sexual objectification of women and girls, it is one we are denied. This is a response to the between 1.3 and 1.8% conviction rate. The use of porn as an excuse for accidentally murdering us. The lack of taking women seriously leading to more crime. The consistent problem of police committing sexual exploitation and domestic abuse without action. Finally the new rule of electronic devices for seven year history for those reporting rape. #ENOUGH

I protested peacefully, silently and alone outside the Manchester Justice Centre and was met by responses by some defensive men responding with "it's not Halloween, that it's women being liars and slags and no one would want to rape me anyway. To put my fucking face straight" (I wasn't smiling and that bothered them apparently) so they proceeded to spit and throw their drinks at me.

Make up by Sofia Sourianou of https://m.facebook.com/SofiaSArtistry/