CPHRC: The Limits Of Consent Report

FiLiA welcomes the CPHRC Report "The Limits of Consent" and we are heartened to see that the report approaches this from the perspective of human rights and public health.  It is vital that this topic is considered from the perspective of women's human rights globally and that the voices of survivors are centred.  

We particularly welcome an end to penalising those in prostitution, and are delighted to see the recommendation that criminal convictions for soliciting should not be disclosable. Our huge appreciation to Fiona Broadfoot for the work she has done in this area.  We endorse the view that consent cannot be bought and call upon the Government to follow other countries who have recognised the sex industry as a form of violence against women.  An end to sexual exploitation can only be presaged by an end to the demand which normalises commercialised consent, by focusing legal sanction against buyers. FiLiA looks forward to contributing to the meaningful positive change envisaged by this report.