FiLiA meets: Jody Raphael


Jody Raphael is Senior Research Fellow, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Law Center, DePaul University College of Law, Chicago, Illinois. She has been researching in the areas of prostitution and human trafficking since 2001 and is the author of four books on violence against women with particular emphasis on denial. In this interview, she discusses her article “Decriminalization of Prostitution: The Soros Effect” with Heather Brunskell-Evans. Jody explains the Soros position on prostitution, its relationship to neoliberalism, the issue of how research is used, the funding involved, and what feminists can do.

Read Jody’s article “Decriminalization of Prostitution: The Soros Effect”

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Read Jody’s latest book, Rape Is Rape: How Denial, Distortion, and Victim Blaming Are Fueling a Hidden Acquaintance Rape Crisis