FiLiA meets: Zainab Ali Khan - Every Woman Treaty

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Zainab Ali Khan is a Gender & Research Specialist with 10 years of work experience in the Development and Corporate sectors of Pakistan. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine in English Literature and a minor in Women’s Studies. Furthermore, she also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in Women and Gender Studies. Ms Ali Khan extensively researched honor crimes in Pakistan for her dissertation entitled, “Honor Crimes in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of the Zina and Qisas & Diyat Ordinances”.

She is the author of a number of case studies, success stories, reports, and magazine. As a women’s rights activist who feels very passionately about gender equality, Ms Ali Khan has had the opportunity to speak about women’s empowerment in Pakistan and internationally. She is also part of the working group and steering committee of Everywoman Treaty, an NGO and initiative of Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights, to build a stand-alone global treaty on violence against women and girls.

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