FiLiA Meets: Julie Furlong

Original artwork copyright of Lou Almond (2019)

Original artwork copyright of Lou Almond (2019)

Julie Furlong is a lesbian feminist activist, who is part of a group of proud lesbian women organising the Lesbian Strength March in Leeds on 7th September. The day will include a march for lesbian women from 2pm, followed by a rally for lesbian women and all female supporters. She speaks to FiLiA volunteer Zoï Hélène in this podcast about topics including what lesbian feminism means, why supporting this event is so important, and Anne Lister.

Julie would like to share the following links:

Lesbian Strength March GoFundMe

Eventbrite page: Lesbian Strength March

Lesbian Strength on Facebook

Twitter @strengthlesbian


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Resisters United

Magdalen Berns YouTube

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